Saturday, December 10, 2005

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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

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Sunday, November 13, 2005

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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Vintage blowjob
Housewife & Caveman

Somehow in the process of him leaving for the cave, he let his hands get the better of him and he ended up making exceedingly good use of all that pent up sexual energy I had been generating all day.

He got me off something fierce. And something soft. And something rough. And something kinky. And something perfect. A bunch of times.

I can only give highlights: I was in The Trance. Ravished and unaware of anything but feeling.

I have new appreciation for the one-person-naked-and-the-other-person-dressed scenario. That added some kinky flare I never expected. Not unlike my repeat fantasy of visiting Caveman in his office and him letting me remove key clothing items from him and have a really deep blowjob. I think of that every time I see him at his desk. But that's not his thing. Just mine.

A favourite moment. I was insanely randy. The orgasms came really quickly but the disappointment over the speed of attaining them (I get off too fast) was dulled by the sexy, sexy intensity and sensuality of it all. At one point, Caveman is lying on his back and I am beside him. Because he is so fully dressed, my nakedness feels extra naked. He holds my legs as wide apart, as wide as they will go, using his legs as straddlers. He's very tall so it works well. I am prisoner of love. My cunt feels like the clown behind the board, where you throw wet sponges at it, and it knows one of those wet sponges is going to be big and wet and warm and hit bang on. But which one? And when?

Just the anticipation of him touching me there without being able to move, has me squirming. I place my hands behind my head to complete the tie up. I decide I will not retreat (not that I could, except to use my hands) no matter how intense it gets.

He strokes and fingers. He frequently wets his fingers with his mouth. That licking sound grabs me. Makes me wish he was going down on me. His legs assert themselves to confirm I cannot move. A sudden wet something (finger, thumb?) goes up my ass and stops in that place where I get the tail buzz.

I realize the power of the tailgasm is almost opposite of an orgasm. While a clitgasm builds and climaxes, a tailgasm is a steady something of good feeling that is unwavering. And it's a matter of how much good I can stand. Lying there with my legs so wide, my pussy so open, the air blowing on me, the tail buzzing: I am ready to blow.

My tits get very hard at times like this. My nipples are insanely sensitive. Big cave hands all over right then would be heavenly. But I feel nothing but the cold air of the fan making my nipples sharp like the tips of knives.

The thumb(?) stays in the ass and other fingers roam the front. I wonder if this is what being tied up is all about? The insanely sensual feeling of being wide open, so vulnerable, and absolutely urgently craving a wild and unrelenting fucking?

At the same moment that he goes big and deep in my cunt, zeroing right in on the g-spot with all the thrust I was dying for, he starts sucking my hard tit: lapping it up. His late-day whiskers feel painfully good. Prickling through the numbness of the arousal.

He fucks me like crazy. I am all too well aware of the tail feeling and I feel like my hips are floating, fleeing from the scene. I pretend my hands are tied behind my head and resistance is indeed futile. The ass and pussy fucking settle down while he rattles away on the clit. I'm insanely wet and he uses my own wetness to lube up. Like the perfect psychic masturbator, he delivers the Great Clitontic O. I have been released.

I feel that great whoosh of numbness, like my whole body fits in a warm hand like a bird.

I spent years thinking of sex as a reward for when things are good. Not a release when things are not so good. And now, it's everything. It celebrates the great, heals the bad, nurses the worries, remedies the cramps, distracts from the headaches, confirms the absurd, makes a brilliant mockery of everything that weighs my heart down. But mostly just carries me away. I think I'm liking this sex stuff.
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Saturday, November 05, 2005

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